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Your business, caught on camera.

When your team means business, physical security services are a necessity. Protect yours with TCI’s advanced video surveillance system: advanced camera technology that lets you monitor operations in real time, around the clock. From deterring potential criminals to tracking lost items to alerting when a person of interest is on-premises, our surveillance systems redefine safety.

Your personal security suite

Experience cutting-edge video surveillance solutions that empower your business with advanced monitoring capabilities. Our high-definition cameras, smart analytics, and Cloud-based management systems ensure you’re in control of your premises—on your own terms.

Powerful Benefits

High-Resolution Cameras

  • Monitor and report events with crystal clear visibility in 4K. Our modern cameras produce greater accuracy and details that leave grainy black & white eleven o’clock news videos in the past.

AI-Enhanced Video Surveillance

  • Catch security risks before they happen and leverage all the latest features. Get notified when an intruder is near, set alerts for predefined events, and prevent false alarms with AI-powered capabilities.

24/7 Visibility & Smart Search

  • See security in better detail with video management systems armed with precise video analytics technology and more. Find specific events quickly based on an intuitive AI search without scrolling through hours of footage. We make remote viewing and monitoring easy.

All-in-One Security Platform

  • Elevate your business with our AI-driven platform, seamlessly fusing IP video camera security, access control, environmental sensing, alarm, and adaptable Cloud management into a unified, scalable solution.

Secure Cloud Video

  • Implement a fully Cloud-enabled video management system for instant storage capabilities and in-depth insights; accessible from anywhere.

More from the TCI Thought Leaders

Learn how our industry movers and shakers are shaping the future of video surveillance and then some.
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Hardwired for reliability, safety, and performance.

TCI’s scalable physical security solutions cover all your video camera system needs with a less hardware-intensive approach. Our better analytics and unification of video, access, and alarm systems give a greater return on investment and a far more robust feature set. And when you’re ready to update your physical security, our experts will not just guide you through a smooth transition; we will ensure your business stays safe and secure. Contact us today!