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Technology Focused, Safety Oriented

In today’s world, you need to know what’s happening in your business 24/7. TCI offers state-of-the-art security products to protect your physical assets. Our solutions, including advanced physical access control systems, are easy to use, customizable, and deliver value. They’re also scalable—as your business grows, our security grows with you.

Whether you stay on-premise or harness the power of the cloud to keep your business safe, our access control and security systems provide automatic updates and notifications. With TCI, you can have peace of mind knowing your business is protected year-round.

Total control for your physical security

TCI’s security suite offers integrated solutions for your business’s physical security needs, including access security and control, video surveillance systems, and next-generation alarm and alert features. But our systems do more than deter or catch the bad guy. We use advanced devices like card readers, keypads, and biometric scanners to ensure controlled property access. At the same time, real-time surveillance helps you keep an eye on operational processes and get data insights about your business. Tailored to your business size and system requirements, physical access control solutions protect your people, property, and premises.

Powerful Benefits

Access Control Systems

  • Modernize your building security with intrusion detection, environmental sensors, wireless locks, 24/7 monitoring, and scalability—all in a centralized management platform.

AI Video Surveillance Systems

  • Refine your video surveillance system with HD cameras, 24/7 visibility, and AI analytics to detect real-time incidents, get automatic alerts, and get searchable metadata from recorded video to change hours of scrolling into seconds of searching for the key piece of footage.

Visitor Management

  • Instantly verify users with facial recognition and background checks, kiosk check-ins, allowlists, blocklists, and digital badges. Eliminate traditional appointment management, making registration and check-in processes streamlined and convenient.

Next-Generation Environmental Sensors

  • Get detailed, real-time monitoring of your building’s air quality: CO2 levels, toxic gases, mold, smoke, vaping, and noise in indoor environments. —keeping users safe and healthy, always.

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We don’t play it safe. We lock it down.

Looking for scalable business security systems in Virginia? TCI covers all your security needs, keeping your business safe and protected at all times. And when you’re ready to update your physical security, our experts will not just guide you through a smooth transition; we will ensure your business is future-ready. Contact us today!