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Use next-generation infrastructure and cut capital costs

Your business is only as good as its technology; that technology relies on solid infrastructure. From structured cabling to next-generation firewalls to high-speed switching and WiFi 6 access, TCI is ready to support and manage your complex infrastructure. Our cost-effective Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) model removes the up-front costs of large upgrades and allows businesses to manage capital and operating budgets better—all while staying ahead of changing technology lifecycles.

Migrate your people to the Cloud

Now more than ever, companies are leveraging IT infrastructure services to leave legacy servers behind and move operations to the Cloud to quickly scale services and meet demand. But upgrading from on-premises to the Cloud takes intuitive planning to navigate complexities—from landing zones in the cloud continuum to controlling data sovereignty. We study your business’s inner workings and find the right operating model and ecosystem partners. Then, we lay out the roadmap to expedite migration and modernization to the Cloud safely and effectively.

Powerful Benefits

Server Virtualization Solutions

  • Leverage your hardware to its fullest potential and reduce overall hardware costs by virtualizing your servers. Run multiple business applications on a single machine with VMware and Hyer-V technologies.

Cloud Migration

  • Become more agile, scale quickly, pivot faster, and be more resilient with Cloud architecture.

Next-Generation Firewall

  • Go beyond the limits of traditional security with robust security: reach prevention and advanced security, comprehensive network visibility, and more.

Network Connectivity

  • Stay connected with WiFi controllers, access points, and guest networks for high-density workplaces.

Hardware and Infrastructure as a Service (HaaS / IaaS)

  • Break the cycle of continual upgrades and pay for resources as you use them by moving your infrastructure to a Hardware-as-a-Service model.

More from the TCI Thought Leaders

Learn how our industry movers and shakers are shaping the future of IT infrastructure and then some.

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Moving to the Cloud is not a matter of if but when.

TCI’s scalable IT infrastructure solutions cover all your on-premises and off-premises needs, deleting the use of expensive, complicated equipment. And when you’re ready to move to the Cloud, our experts will not just guide you through a smooth transition; we will monitor and manage your migration to ensure your business grows. Contact us today!