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Say Goodbye to Cox & Verizon – There Is a Better Way

If you are still getting your phone line service for your business from Cox or Verizon, you are probably overpaying for service. There is a better, less expensive way to deliver phone service that can save you 25% or more on your monthly phone bill, even if you are still using a legacy on-premises phone system.

If you are getting your phone system from the phone company like Cox’s IP Centrex or Verizon’s Preferred Voice platforms, you are being left in the past. While they may use modern terms like “VoIP” and “Cloud” to describe their product offerings, these systems are far from new technology. Compared to other Unified Communications platforms, the Phone Company’s phone system is overpriced and underwhelming.

Read on to learn why.

More Features, Better Value

Better Technology = Better Business. While Cox and Verizon haven’t released new features in years, the rest of the world has been busy updating, enhancing, and innovating to bring you the latest and greatest capabilities to streamline business communications processes and enhance business capabilities. In addition, you can get these enhancements for the same or less than you are paying the phone company today.

Live Call Transcription
Reading your voice mails is so 2018, and that’s all you’ll get with Cox and Verizon. With a Unified Communications solution from TCI, live calls can be transcribed during the call, providing caller sentiment and aiding customer service with a running transcript. Transcription provides accurate and searchable call history data, and AI call summarization saves time entering notes into your CRM database.

SMS Messaging & Video
New generations are demanding new ways of communicating. As Generation Z fully enters the workforce, your business needs to be prepared to communicate with them in the way they prefer. (Hint – it isn’t a phone call…) SMS and video are their preferred method of communicating. The Phone Company isn’t offering these technologies on their platform. With a Unified Communications system from TCI, you can send SMS messages to customers for follow-ups, appointment reminders, online payment portal links, and other quick needs.

Mobile App
Bring the power of your business phone system to your mobile device. Make extension to extension calls, send SMS text messages, engage in live video calls, all while using your business number. No need to give out your personal cell phone to your clients when they can reach you anywhere on your business line. Add SMS, call recording, and transcription to the app and it becomes a powerful communications tool for employees on the go. Set availability times, forwarding, and voice mail preferences from the app to ensure you aren’t on the clock all the time.

Omnichannel Contact Center
If your business is service related, you’re out of luck with Cox and Verizon. Their features are limited to auto attendant and simple ring groups. With a cloud-based contact center from TCI, you can deliver on the promise of exceptional customer service. AI agent assist brings relevant information to your customer service screen based on context of the call. With features like advanced call queuing, queued callback, skills-based routing, SMS Text and Email queuing, web chat, and social media integration, you can reach your customers anywhere, anytime, and via any method. Never miss an opportunity to interact with your customers and provide excellent service.

Software Integration
Link callers to account records in your database. From electronic patient records to CRM & ERP customer account data, this information can pop up automatically on your computer screen when you answer a call. Calling out from these systems can be as simple as the click of a mouse – no more dialing. Have a fully transcribed call or an AI-generated call summary entered into your electronic customer records automatically by your new cloud-based communications platform. Technology like this saves time and money and improves customer service.

Other Perks

Ditch The Phone
Why buy or lease phones for calling when you can use your computer, the same way that you use your video conferencing platform. Just plug in or pair your headset and make crystal clear calls right from your PC. Use a mobile app when you’re away from the PC. You can’t do that with the Phone Company.

Leverage Your Existing Software Programs For Calling
Webex is clunky, cumbersome and not widely adopted, yet this is what the Phone Company wants you to use for your meeting platform. If you are already a Microsoft Teams or Zoom user, TCI can plug voice calling and SMS text messaging right into these existing applications that you use every day for a true Unified Communications experience that spans from the desktop to the mobile device. You won’t get this type of functionality and simplicity from Cox or Verizon.

Are you getting an ROI on your monthly bill from the Phone Company or is it just a cost of doing business? While in some cases, TCI can show cost savings, the real advantage comes from the ROI of advanced features and functionality that enhance communications, provide worker flexibility, improve customer service, enable hybrid and remote work, increase efficiencies and drive real value to your business.

Finding The Right Solution For Your Business

With all of the options available, how do you find the right solution for your business? Simple, talk to the experts.

At TCI, we don’t push one solution because that is all we have to offer. Instead, we represent over 50 of the leading Unified Communications and Contact Center solution provider logos in the market, bringing you freedom of choice. We put decades of technology consulting and engineering experience to work for you. As your trusted advisor, we ask the right questions to understand your business and bring a small subset of solutions to the table for you to evaluate that fit your unique criteria. This saves time and headaches and makes sure that the right vendors are at the table. In addition to the technology, we closely track proprietary vendor pricing and promotions to ensure that you are getting optimal value. At TCI, we help find the right solution at the right price for your business. Contact us today!


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