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We turn what-ifs into action

What if you could autonomously control every facet of your business security and improve operations while doing it? With TCI, there are no what-ifs. We make dreams real with future-ready technology and infrastructure that fuses the digital and physical.

The Digital Age is here. Next-generation technologies are redefining enterprise physical security, forcing business leaders to rethink their roadmaps to deliver better levels of automation, environmental oversight, and response. Don’t overlook your physical security programs; make them better with intuitive upgrades that validate trusted users and block intruders on-site.

Innovation, ingenuity, and inclusivity. The future of security.

Our next-generation security integration solutions are designed to be centrally managed, easily integrated, and built with predictive and preemptive automatic responses. Engineered with next-era artificial intelligence (AI) and Cloud systems, driven to push real-time situation awareness. They provide end-to-end security, free up staff, and trigger automated responses to maintain the level of safety that your business needs to move ahead—today and tomorrow.

Powerful Benefits

Productive Video Tools

  • Search hours of video surveillance footage to find a specific event in seconds based on a single keyword search. Navigate our all-in-one security platform to manage video, access, environmental, and alarm deployments for end-to-end visibility and control.

Air-Tight Security

  • Stay on top of the newest security challenges with our forward-thinking system: be notified by automatic updates and instant alerts, and get audit trails of who is coming and going when. Open and lock doors based on pre-set schedules and enable Lockdown Mode for instant incident response.

Instant Verification

  • Embrace the future of security with instant facial recognition and verification—rapid access control, enhanced safety, and beyond. And when your guests need to check in, they can easily use kiosk tech to print a badge, get photographed for the visitor log, and automatically alert you when they arrive.

AI Capabilities

  • Use artificial intelligence to catch security risks before they happen, empowering you to make smarter decisions. Get notified when an intruder is near, set alerts for predefined events, and prevent false alarms.

Environmental Condition Settings

  • Maintain healthy conditions for your equipment and staff by measuring the air quality, temperature, light, and more within your premises. Get alerts when environment levels are off and make workplace adjustments to regain harmony.

Next-Level Access Control

  • Control employee access across multiple locations with a single credential token. With our cloud-based door access system, you can grant access through a drive gate with license plate recognition. Lower the number of facility staff and speed access & service delivery in turn.

Vigilant Insights

  • Implement a fully Cloud-based video management system for instant storage capabilities and in-depth insights—accessible from anywhere.

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Security that makes business eternal.

TCI’s scalable security integration solutions cover all your AI-enhanced security needs, keeping your business safe and protected at all times. And when you’re ready to update your physical security, our experts will not just guide you through a smooth transition; we will ensure your business is future-ready. Contact us today!