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Make your business future-ready.

Unlock the potential of Alarm and Access Control systems, where innovation meets security head-on. Experience centralized control, instant entry, and reliability with seamless capabilities—for every building, door, or user. Embrace the power of technology for a safer, more secure environment.

Regulate building access control and management

Fortify your security tech with TCI’s comprehensive access control solutions, crafted to open standards and forged with robust features. From one door to a thousand, we ensure safety for organizations of all scales. Designed for ultimate flexibility and easy administration, we improve security with mobile access technology and capable Cloud management.

Powerful Benefits

Alert and Security Upgrades

  • Stay on top of the newest security challenges with our forward-thinking system: be notified by automatic updates and instant alerts, and get audit trails of who is coming and going when.

Integrated Intrusion System

  • Use wireless or wired intrusion detection to defend against trespassers. While your staff controls the burglar alarm system onsite or offsite, our intelligent AI platform detects any field of view changes or other incidents that trigger alarms—minimizing false positives.

Environmental Sensors

  • Maintain healthy conditions for your equipment and staff by measuring the air quality, temperature, light, and more within your premises. For certain businesses like storage warehouses or schools, these factors are vital when choosing a new security system.

Wireless Locks

  • Open and lock doors based on pre-set schedules and enable Lockdown Mode for instant incident response.

24/7 Visibility and Monitoring

  • Manage access anytime, anywhere through an intuitive Cloud-based door access system. Our team of skilled agents is primed to identify, validate, and counter threats at your call.

Unlimited Scalability

  • Deploy your security strategy enterprise-wide by incorporating any door, cage, or gate at any facility, anywhere with TCIs centralized management and control platform. Travel between different offices using the same credential.

Remote Management

  • Forget key management headaches, constant lock changes, and the need for multiple keys. Gain complete control over your door access system, schedule, and settings safely from any device, anywhere.

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Keeping work safe and sound.

TCI’s scalable physical security solutions cover all your access control and burglar alarm system needs, keeping your business safe and protected at all times. And when you’re ready to update your physical security, our experts will not just guide you through a smooth transition; we will ensure your business stays safe and secure. Contact us today!