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Divide and conquer data in the Cloud

Whether already in the Cloud or not, limitless organizations are turning to colocation providers for scalable data center capacity and easier multi-cloud integration. However, managing a colocation environment’s hardware, support, and monitoring can be difficult. Data colocation allows businesses to control their hardware and applications while benefiting from a secure data center. It’s a go-to solution for reliable hosting of websites, applications, and databases without the hassle of managing the physical data center. And whether your cloud is private, public, or hybrid, we help you keep it running smoothly, efficiently, and securely.

Improve decision-making and spark digital transformation

Moving your IT infrastructure to the Cloud brings agility, scalability, redundancy, and reliability to support the modern workforce, whether in the office or remotely. Simplify deployment processes and harness the advantages of a new, Cloud-linked data center while stimulating operational efficiency. This scalable solution gives you the key resources to access the flexibility and power of the multi-cloud. It enables the creation and implementation of a cutting-edge data platform tailored for analytics and AI/ML solutions, ensuring peak storage and computing power. Even if your core business applications are not Cloud-enabled yet, we can enact it.

Powerful Benefits

Transition to Financial Consistency

  • Moving your hardware and software expenditures to an operational model provides for more consistent budgeting. Obtain cloud roadmap and migration strategies to maximize the lifecycle of existing on-prem equipment during your transition. Get detailed cost estimates for accurate business & financial planning and ROI modeling.

Optimize Your Existing Cloud

  • Enhance your environments for better functionality and lower Cloud footprint and services spending. Fully analyze your AWS ecosystem, get cost-reduction and optimization strategies, and apply advanced security. We apply an extra blanket of protection for members who went all-in on their migrations—so nothing slips through the cracks.

Data Backup & Recovery

  • Streamline redundancy with business continuity & disaster recovery options that make your data and operational capacity more resilient.

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Do more with your data.

TCI’s scalable data colocation solutions keep your team in the loop at all times. Our Cloud migration services cover all your IT needs, deleting the use of fragmented tools. And when you’re ready to move to the Cloud, our experts will not just guide you through a smooth transition; we will monitor and manage your migration to ensure your business grows. Contact us today!